Our rides


On the horseback in the countryside

-One hour ride-  

This ride is ok for everyone, especially for beginners, where we will give you a little taste of how a ride in the nature is.

(from € 25,00)


On the horseback in the countryside 2

-Two hour ride-  

This ride is for everyone, beginners and not, where we will give you a little taste of how a ride in the nature is. In this ride we will also cross a river!

(from € 45,00)

Busa dei capitani
-Three hours ride- 

Starting from our center we will go on the mountain that stays behind us "Monte Velo", to a high of 600 mt, then we will take an old trail of World War I untill we arrive to a panoramic spot called "Three Crosses", from there we will begin our way back through the countryside to the centre.

(from € 70,00)

-Three hours ride- 

Amazing ride, we go to Nago, the town above us, and from there we go down to Torbole, through an amazing pathway from where you can see the Garda lake in all his glory! For the wayback we will take an old road built by the Venice Republic in 1439 for moving their ships from the Adriatic sea to the Garda lake.

(from € 70,00)

Monte Brione
-Half day ride-
We will start our trip from the center and go through the countryside until we will arrive to a river that we will have to cross. We will go across the town of S.Alessandro and from there we will start our upward through the mountain on trails that unite the many austrias's forts of World War I. Wonderful views of the Garda lake won't be missed to!
(€ 85,00)

Monte Stivo
-Day ride-

The start point is at 9:00 am at the town of Santa Barbara and we will begin our way on the mountain. More that we go on our trip the view gets everytime better, untill we arrive to the top of the mountain (2064mslm) that we are on, where the view opens to 360° and gets spectacular! Our wayback will be on the other side of the mountain and we will stop for lunch near Malga Campo in the shadow of secular beeches. After that we will go on until Malga Vallestré and back to Santa Barbara, where we will arrive in the afternoon.

(€ 150,00)

Tenno Lake
-Day ride-

Partenza alle 8:00 da Arco, attraverseremo la valle per poi salire fino al rifugio S. Pietro dove c'è una vista panoramica mozzafiato sul Lago di Garda, poi si scende fino al Lago di Tenno dove ci fermeremo per pranzo e per fare il bagno! Finito di rifocillarci si riparte e scendendo per l'olivaia si ritorna ad Arco! Il ritorno è previsto per le 17:00!

(€ 130,00)

Dolomiti di Brenta
-Day ride-

Obviously in one day we can't see everything, so you can choose the trip you prefer between those: Passo del Grosté - Malga Ritort - Lago di Nambino Lago di Valagola - Malga Movlina - Cima Durmont

Spinale - Lago di Ritort - Pradalago - ecc...

- more info -

I'll prepare you a trekking based on your riding level and on your preference!

(from € 150,00)

We are preparing new itineraries that will be published soon........STAY TUNED!